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Rekoo Japan Launches Sunshine Winery On Mixi [Social Games]


One of the very, very few foreign companies doing well in Japan’s social gaming market is Rekoo Japan. Rekoo, which has offices in Beijing and Tokyo, has made a name for itself with its “Sunshine” series of social games in the past years.

The company’s flagship game, Sunshine Ranch (a farming simulation) was Mixi‘s first big social game. Rekoo then followed up with other social games, i.e. Sunshine Kingdom or Sunshine Treasure (not only on Mixi but on other platforms, too).

And today, Rekoo Japan launched the newest title to their brand, namely Sunshine Winery, on Mixi for the PC. As the name suggests, Sunshine Winery is a social winery simulation: players are supposed to grow and sell wine (or give it away to other Mixi users as presents).

Players can support each other, for example by visiting another user’s farm to control what effect the weather has on the grapes each day.


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