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Sega To Roll Out 4 Android Mobile Games On Mobage China [Social Games]


DeNA just announced that Sega, as the first domestic game maker, has started distributing titles on Mobage for the Chinese market. Sega launched one Android game in Chinese on Mobage today and is expected to follow up with three more titles next month.

What’s interesting is that three of the four games are based on “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf”, a popular Chinese TV anime series (Sega acquired a license). And none of the titles are “social” games in the traditional sense.

Here are the four Sega titles for Mobage China:

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf – Tower Defense (launched today)

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf – Jump (a “casual action game” that makes use of the gyro sensor)

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf – Lianliankan (puzzle game)

Puyo Puyo Fever Touch (also available on GREE)

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