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Mobage Gets Nexon’s MapleStory [Social Games]


DeNA just announced that MapleStory, the super hit MMORPG from Korean publisher Nexon, is now available on Mobage in the form of a mobile social game. The Mobage version, dubbed MapleStory: Bokura No Boken (“Our Adventures”), is playable on Mobage for Japanese feature phones only at this point.

Users will get a fantasy RPG that takes place in the MapleStory universe and has been designed from scratch, with playability on mobile devices in mind, according to DeNA.

The original MapleStory was released in 2005 and has been released in the form of various spin-offs and variations on a number of platforms since, for example iOS, Facebook or the Nintendo DS. The title has 4 million players in Japan alone.

DeNA says that a version of MapleStory: Bokura No Boken for Mobage on smartphones is in the works.

Screenshots of the feature version:

Via Game Watch

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