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GREE Gets AKB48-Themed Social Game [Social Games]


Mega-popular Japanese girl group AKB48 is getting a social game: GREE announced that the 48 members of the band will be the main characters in a social card game that will be released on October 25 on GREE for Japanese feature phones.

The title, dubbed AKB48 Stage Fighter, will offer 48 different cards, each featuring one AKB48 member. There will be a total of 250 different cards initially, with (as usual) more to follow soon after to keep up interest and boost game play options for existing users.

Players will be able to collect cards to complete their decks, clear missions, collect rare items, or “battle” with other GREE users for cards.

As usual, AKB48 Stage Fighter is free to play and will be monetized via virtual items.

Nice marketing gag: all players registering for the game on October 25 will get a limited-edition card (that will never be available again).

I predict (in all seriousness) a smashing success for this game, as AKB48 isn’t only a band but a phenomenon – in Japan, and all over Asia.

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