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frenxxo: Mixi Starts Joint Venture With Hakuhodo [Social Networks]


The New Year is just around the corner, and millions of Japanese people will write even more postcards to friends, family and business partners to celebrate the occasion.

Mixi, in 2008, started making it possible for users to create and send these so-called nengajo to their friends via Mixi, even without knowing their real-world address. These (physical) found their addressees by Mixi asking for the address of the person in question and handling the rest, in cooperation with Japan Post (see this article for more infos). Fees start at 98 yen.

And it appears Mixi Nengajo is business enough for Mixi to enter a joint venture with major Japanese ad agency Hakuhodo. Dubbed frenxxo, this joint venture will start managing the service from November 1.

Mixi says that in the past three years, a total of 2.7 million Nengajo were sent out.

frenxxo is capitalized with 50 million yen, 60% controlled by Hakuhodo (Mixi is holding the rest), employs 8 people, and is based out of Tokyo.

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