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GREE Buys Smartphone Development Company MARS [Social Games]


GREE has announced it will buy MARS, a Tokyo-based smartphone development company, this month. MARS spin-off venture FEYNMAN, which offers a billing solution for smartphone apps, will be part of the deal, too.

GREE says it hopes to ” to strengthen its development capability for smartphone apps and enhance its line-up of attractive social games” with the acquisition. MARS key game is Kawaii Pet Megu, a pet breeding game that boasts 800,000 downloads and will be a GREE asset soon.

Financial details of the deal weren’t disclosed.

My guess is that this was primarily a talent acquisition, as the Japanese mobile and gaming markets currently see a lack of qualified engineer and designers. Tokyo-based MARS currently employs 28 people, while FEYNMAN has 5 employees.

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