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Mixi Revamps Its App Platform [Social Networks]


In their latest financial report, Mixi didn’t only report numbers but also announced a major overhaul of its app platform for November 15. It’s the most radical revamp of that section ever and is likely to benefit social game makers.

The basic idea is to split the apps section into two parts: games and other apps (i.e. utility apps, fortune-telling, self-tests, etc.). Mixi’s goal here is simplify navigation for users – which is a good move, given the current situation (it actually is very hard to look for apps of interest).

Mixi says they will have different categories for games, better search, and a link on the homepage that directly leads to games (instead of apps in general, as is the case now).

This is how the new navigation for Mixi games on a Japanese feature phone will look:

According to Mixi, the following game companies will be on board (I am assuming they will get premium real estate spots in the new section):


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