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Capcom Makes Big Bucks With Social Games, Plans To Make More [Social Games]


Video game maker Capcom has posted the financial results for the second half of this fiscal year (March to September), and the company focuses heavily on its social gaming segment.

Things don’t look too well for Capcom as a whole, as can be seen here:

But the company also said that:

  • downloads for games under its social gaming brand Beeline have exceeded the 30 million mark
  • Beeline social game “Smurfs’Village” is continuing to generate revenue (no details)
  • “Snoopy’s Street Fair” will be launched in the middle of November under the Beeline brand
  • Capcom’s social games in Japan are still going strong (they mention that Biohazard on GREE recently topped one million users)
  • they will bolster the social game development team

From a financial perspective, this overview highlights Capcom’s first half (mobile/social content only):

So Capcom made 2.581 billion yen (US$33 million) with social games between March and September, with a margin of 35%. As usual with social games, the operating margin is significantly higher than with other segments, for example Capcom’s online games. Sales almost doubled year over year.

In the second half of this fiscal year, Capcom expects this performance:

While Capcom projects that the margin in their social gaming unit will slightly drop to 31.7%, sales are expected to balloon to 6 billion yen (US$76.72 million).

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