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DeNA “Silently” Launches Mobage on iOS In China [Social Games]


We’re still waiting for Mobage to hit the iOS platform in English, but DeNA China just rolled out that version, tech blog Penn Olson has learned. The Chinese iOS version is the first to follow the one DeNA rolled out for the Japanese market in August (Mobage on Android was released in China in August, too).

Penn Olson also reports that:

  • DeNA may have the Kaitou Royale TV show, based on the No. 1 game on Mobage in Japan, aired in China sometime in the future to make use of the “Cool Japan” image in that country
  • the most popular Mobage game in China isn’t Kaito Royale but Ninja Royale
  • DeNA plans to open offices in Beijing and Guangzhou (DeNA China currently employs 160 people in Shanghai)

DeNA proper didn’t release any information on the news from China.

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