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Bakumatsu: New GREE First-Party Game On The Way


While DeNA is currently offering around 40 first-party games on Mobage, GREE has developed just around ten for its platform. For Japanese feature phones, GREE has just opened pre-registration for Bakumatsu Kingdom, a “historic” social game.

Bakumatsu are the final years of the Edo period in Japan, the end of the Tokugawa shogunate.

Like many hit social games in Japan, Bakumatsu Kingdom is part of a series – the third one in the Kingdom series, which includes Sengoku Kingdom and Sangokushi Kingdom. These are all historic social games created by GREE itself.

Details on Bakumatsu Kingdom are still scarce, but it looks like the new title will be a combination of a card battle and a war/strategy game (it does take place in the Edo period).

GREE players on feature phones can pre-register for the new game now.

Via Social Game Info

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