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Mobage Gets “One Piece” Social Game [Social Games]


DeNA is pretty strong in securing anime-based social games for Mobage, and One Piece, announced by Bandai Namco today, might be their biggest game of that kind so far (the One Piece manga and anime are easily among the most valuable IP a company can own in these areas at the moment).

The full title of the title is “One Piece Grand Collection”, and it will be released on Mobage for Japanese feature phones and smartphones this winter.

Details are scarce, but Bandai Namco says that players will be able to create their own characters and build them up by completing missions and winning in battles. Needless to say, these characters (their own hero, friends, enemies, bosses, etc.) will be based on those from the One Piece manga.

DeNA and Bandai Namco are running a joint venture called BDNA, but it looks like this game will come from Bandai Namco proper.

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