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Konami’s Dragon Collection Isn’t No. 1 On GREE Anymore, EA’s FIFA World Class Soccer Is [Social Games]


It was a good run for Konami: their mega hit social game Dragon Collection occupied the top spot on the ranking of the most popular titles on GREE for over a year. But Dragon Collection has been pushed down to No. 2 today, and now EA has the bragging rights for the No. 1 game on GREE (among third-party games, at least).

Their FIFA World Class Soccer, available on GREE for Japanese feature phones and smartphones, has been developed by Tokyo-based gumi, one of the most successful third-party social game makers in Japan.

The title is currently No. 1 in the overall ranking on GREE, No. 1 among male users, and No. 3 among all female players.

As expected, FIFA World Class Soccer turned out to be a big win for EA and gumi, but Dragon Collection could still bounce back to the top position – GREE’s ranking usually sees a lot of up and down movements.

Via Social Game Info

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