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DeNA Is Jumping On The Social Card Game Bandwagon [Social Games]


DeNA blames part of the reason why their newest financial numbers were relatively weak on the fact that their recent first-party games didn’t do as well as expected (which is especially true for Ninja Royale).

To be more concrete, DeNA missed out on card games, a genre that’s now considered to be the most popular (and lucrative) genre in social gaming in Japan as a whole (Konami’s insanely popular Dragon Collection on GREE is the most obvious example).

But DeNA has just released a new first-party game on Mobage for Japanese feature phones, and this title is in fact a social card game. Dubbed “Kamisama No Enburemu” (Emblem Of The Gods), the game has all the usual elements that you could expect, for example missions, battles against other Mobage users, “Gacha” lottery, mixing cards to create new ones, boss fights, etc.

Expect many more card games from DeNA to arrive on Mobage soon.

Via Social Game Info

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