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Dream Stallion: Konami’s Social Horse Racing Game Is Timed With Real-World Race Schedules [Social Games]


Konami has released a social horse racing game on Mobage that has a very interesting twist: some races taking place in the game are timed with races taking place in the real world. The company bought an official license for “Dream Stallion” from the JRA (Japan Racing Association) to be able to use real names and tracks.

That’s the power of social games right there. By the way: yes, horse racing is a social game genre in Japan, meaning the Konami title isn’t the first of its kind.

Konami says that certain horse race schedules set up by the JRA all over in Japan are reflected in its game on Mobage in real-time. (Technically, Dream Stallion is a card game, but there are also social horse racing games in which you see animated virtual horses racing against each other on virtual tracks).

Players can choose a horse (card) they like and “train” it. Races can also take place against other Mobage players anytime, the real-world races are a just one (pretty cool) element in the game.

Dream Stallion is available for Mobage on Japanese feature phones and smartphones. Konami is offering an initial set of 4,000 different cards.


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