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Mixi And Twitter Japan Announce An Announcement [Social Networks]


Twitter isn’t as hot in Japan as it was in 2010, but it’s still huge and firmly established itself as one of the top web brands in the country. Reason enough for Mixi, Japan’s biggest real-identity social network to partner up with Twitter next week.

Japanese tech news site IT Media is reporting that both companies will make an announcement on November 30. On that day, Mixi is holding a closed event in its HQ in Tokyo, too.

IT Media only says that Mixi CEO Kenji Kasahara and Twitter Japan manager James Kondo will jointly announce the partnership, but the site doesn’t have information what exactly will come to light during the press conference.

My hunch is that Twitter will become an essential part of Mixi, for example by removing Mixi’s internal Twitter-like function “Mixi Voice” and integrating Twitter into Mixi.

Via Asiajin

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