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For International Smartphone Game Development: Klab Opens Office In Singapore [Social Games]


Tokyo-based (and newly listed) social gaming company Klab is going international. KLab Cyscorpions is the name of 100% subsidiary that was launched in Singapore and will handle international smartphone game development for Klab in the future.

Tokyo- and Manila-based game maker Cyscorpions (which has 27 employees) is supporting Klab with expanding to the English-speaking market. Cyscorpions has released a number of feature phone and Android and iOS games so far.

Klab is currently operating social games on Mobage, GREE, and Mixi – but nearly all titles are very much tailor-made for a Japanese audience. One of their games, for example, is a hostess club simulation that’s very successful in Japan but will definitely not sell outside Japan.

Klab currently boasts a US$295 million market cap at the Tokyo Stock exchange.

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