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Dr. Momo’s Island: Keiji Inafune’s First Social Game Lands On GREE [Social Games]


Comcept, the company founded by famous video game creator Keiji Inafune, has released its first social game on GREE for Android today. The title, dubbed “Dr. Momo’s Island”, was co-developed with Index.

The much anticipated game has a weird story: players take on the role of Dr. Momo, a “mad scientist” whose main goal is to create “cute things”. Dr. Momo has “graduated from university” when she was 14 years old, and she’s the girl in the picture below (the other character is her grandfather).

Dr. Momo’s Island is essentially a pet-breeding simulation somehow reminiscent of the Tamagotchi concept: the aforementioned “cute things” pop out of eggs that players need to collect (rare things can be created by combining eggs with other eggs or virtual items).







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