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Transformers For GREE To Launch Next Month [Social Games]


Tokyo-based Interspace and Takara Tomy Entamedia have announced “Transformers for GREE“, a social game based on the popular movie and toy franchise.

Like so many new titles, Transformers for GREE will be a social card game. Players will be able to choose between various robots from the (good) “Autobots” or the (evil) “Decepticons” groups when putting together their deck of powerful Transformers.

Needless to say, players will be able to complete quests, fuse two cards in order to get more powerful ones, or battle it out with other GREE users. In the screenshot on the top right (see below), for example, you can see various cards fighting in a boss battle.

Transformers for GREE will launch on Japanese feature phones on February 10 and on smartphones on February 28.

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