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CyberAgent Releases Financial Results For 1Q FY2012: Ameba Grows Rapidly [Social Games]


CyberAgent released its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal 2012 in English, and in a nutshell, things are looking very good for the Ameba operator.

The company summarizes its financial performance in that time frame as follows:

Net sales reached 32,146 million yen (up 11.7% from the same period of the previous year); operating income reached 4,915 million yen (up 38.1%); ordinary income reached 4,888 million yen (up 40.0%); and quarterly net income reached 2,054 million yen (up 39.7%).

In terms of sales and operating profit, CyberAgent never had a better quarter. The profit margin now stands at 15.3%, the highest for the company ever.

Page views for the Ameba network (including Ameba blogs, Ameba Pigg and ad network AMoAd, etc.) are apparently going through the roof: in┬áDecember 2011, CyberAgent recorded 32.8 billion page views for Ameba – up 13.3 billion page views from the same month last year.

The number of Ameba subscribers hit the 20 million (20.02, to be exact) mark, which is up a whopping 7.10 million from the same month of the previous year. Virtual world Ameba Pigg now has over 10 million users in Japan, an impressive number.

Here‘s a video of CyberAgent director Go Nakayama and CEO Susumu Fujita presenting the latest company results in English.

Further resources in English:
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