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Klab’s Sengoku Buster Hits One Million Players [Social Games]


Shin Sengoku Buster, a “historic” social game developed by Tokyo-based social game maker Klab, hit one million users. Klab started offering the game in March last year, first on Mobage for feature phones.

Shin Sengoku Buster was ported to smartphones later: just last week, the game became the first Klab released as a native iOS app.

To celebrate the one millionth registered player, Klab is running an in-game promo campaign until February 8, giving Mobage users the chance to win various virtual items.

In December 2011, Klab sued Crooz, saying their competitor copied key elements from Shin Sengoku Buster for “Team x Kousou – Gang King”, a social game Crooz released on Mobage in September 2011.

Via Social Game Info

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