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DeNA vs GREE: Profit And Share Price Development Visualized [Social Games]


It’s not a secret that GREE has been outpacing DeNA in recent months: the market cap today at the Tokyo Stock Exchange for DeNA stood at US$4.9 billion (DeNA stock soared today), while GREE reached US$7.8 billion.

Nikkei Online has tried to visualize the race between the two rivals in recent months with the two graphs you can see below.

Here is how quarterly operating profit changed since the October-December quarter 2010:

For details on GREE’s last quarter, click here (click here for DeNA’s numbers).

The difference in sales and profits are reflected in the stock price of the two companies in recent months:

It’s worth noting that today, DeNA shares rose a healthy 267 yen (+11.6%) to 2,560 yen – in anticipation of the company’s group pretax profit for the year to grow 7% y-o-y to 60.3 billion yen/US$784 million.

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