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Mobage Gets Virtua Fighter Social Game [Social Games]


Nice win for DeNA today: Sega’s legendary fighting game series Virtua Fighter (that really is the correct spelling) is going social. “Virtua Fighter Cool Champ” (awful title) launched today on Mobage for Japanese feature phones.

Virtua Fighter Cool Champ is a social card battle game (yawn) featuring characters from the video game series. Players can choose their favorite character and fighting style and need to train, enter tournaments, and battle other Mobage users directly in order to boost their parameters.

Virtua Fighter Cool ChampĀ is a co-production by Sega, epics, and Ys Net, a company led by the famous maker of the original Virtua Fighter, Yu Suzuki.

Sega says they are targeting casual as well as core players with their new title.

Here’s the Virtua Fighter Cool Champ logo and a screenshot of the top page:


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