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Rage Of Bahamut: DeNA Brings CyberAgent’s Social Card Game To Mobage Global [Social Games]


Following gloops’ Legend Cards on Facebook, Spirit Force from Drecom on iOS, it’s now DeNA/ngmoco that is bringing a successful social card battle game from Japan to English-speaking players.

The title in question is Rage Of Bahamut, known in Japan as Shingeki Bahamut. Over here, CyberAgent’s subsidiary Cygames is offering the game on the Japanese version of Mobage.

But now the game has been fully localized into English and already made available for download on the Android Market. It’s not really surprising, as the game, in its original version, isn’t offering too manga-esque artwork.

Instead, the makers decided to go for a more “Western” design approach, as you can see in the screenshots below (which show Rage Of Bahamut’s English version on Mobage for Android):



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