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Mobile Social Gaming Usage In Subway Trains In Tokyo To Get More Convenient [Social Games]


Anyone just vaguely familiar with social gaming in Japan knows that (almost) all users use mobile devices to play these games: GREE and Mobage are cell phone-only services.

Most users live in the Tokyo area, and a lot of people play social games to kill time during their train commute to and from their work places or schools. The problem: 3G connectivity is only available at train stations/stops, meaning users get cut off every time they enter a tunnel.

In other words, playing mobile social games (or doing anything else online) while commuting in trains around Tokyo isn’t really a great experience (even though it’s possible). But the good news for the industry is that this will change very soon.

Japan’s top 4 mobile carriers (NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, Softbank, EMobile) said a first subway section in Tokyo’s Shinjuku area already makes it possible for users to access 3G without any interruptions between stations.¬†Full coverage of the Tokyo metropolitan area is expected to be reached by the end of the year – this is very good news for all mobile content providers, including GREE and DeNA.

A similar subway service is already in place in other cities in Japan (i.e. Sapporo), but Tokyo is certainly the most important region: according to Wikipedia, a total of 8.66 million people use the subway in Greater Tokyo daily. These people now have more time playing social games (and paying for virtual items) than ever.

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