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Dentsu Starts Promoting GREE – In Airports [Social Games]


GREE caused quite a splash a few days ago when the company announced a deal with Dentsu under which the advertising giant is to promote the platform internationally.

And now Dentsu started doing what they’re supposed to do – in airports. You read that right, somebody decided the best idea to kick off a “corporate branding project” (GREE’s words) is to install banners in the Narita and Haneda airports in Tokyo. (Let me ask: why does GREE need a corporate branding project?)

This is the image people are seeing (the project started on April 1 – interesting date):

I love how absolutely no one who isn’t familiar with GREE will understand what the banner is about: judging from this image alone, GREE looks more like a bank.

And here is how the promotion looks (the pictures on the top show the banners in Narita, the ones below in Haneda):

Not that I am an advertising or branding expert, but if I were GREE and wanted to “win” outside Japan, I would focus on creating good games, getting international developers on board,¬†and acquiring users, and not let Dentsu spend millions of yen on marketing campaigns with no apparent value.


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