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DeNA Hits US$529 Million Revenue In Q4, Closes FY2011 With US$1.8 Billion Revenue [Social Games]


Mobage operator DeNA today published its financial report for the last quarter of FY2011 and the fiscal as a whole. And the company again boasts record numbers.

DeNA’s quarterly net sales reached US$529 million (+32% year-on-year), while operating profit increased to $234 million (+19%). For the full fiscal, sales amounted to US$1.82 billion in sales (+29%) and operating income to US$794 million (+13%).





Mobacoin (virtual currency) consumption is on a record-high:

DeNA’s FY2011Q4 Operating Results (English PDF)
FY2011Q4 Consolidated Financial Statements (English PDF)

GREE published its Q3 financial report yesterday.

In an act of self-regulation, both companies today announced they will stop offering the “kompu gacha” function in games operated on their platforms, meaning that this kind of growth is sure to come to a sudden halt.

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