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FY2012 Report: Konami’s Social Game Business Expands Rapidly [Social Games]


Konami, which operates a number of popular social games on GREE and Mobage (with Dragon Collection being the top title), published its financial report for fiscal 2012 today.

Mainly driven by a total of over 20 million users playing Konami-made social games in Japan, the company was able to grow revenue year-on-year to US$3.3 billion and double operating income to US$514 million:

Net sales from social games ballooned from US$200 million last fiscal to US$465 million.

If this trend continues, Konami’s social game business will soon be bigger than its video game business:

The growing social game business isn’t a big surprise, given how many registered players Konami can now boast:

Konami’s financial report for FY2012 can be downloaded in English from here.

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