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Doliland: GREE’s Top Game To Be Turned Into TV Anime [Social Games]


Tanken Doliland, GREE‘s impossibly successful 1st-party social game, will be turned into an anime series on Japanese TV. Details are scarce at this point, but the show will have the same name as the social card battle game/RPG and be based on the Doliland world.

Toei, the company behind the anime adaptation, already set up a dedicated website for the show.

GREE itself is running an in-game campaign between May 10 and May 30 to promote the new series: all Doliland players logging in during that timeframe will get a special present.

Konami’s Sengoku Collection is another successful social game that got turned into an anime (usually it’s the other way around).

First artwork for the Doliland anime:



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