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LINE App Gets More Social With “Home” And “Timeline” Features [Social Networks]


During their press conference in Tokyo yesterday, NHN Japan went all-out to promote their super-successful messenger app LINE.

Part of the plan is to expand the app to a full-fledged platform for games, coupons, music, and other content – complete with API support for third-party developers.

But the company also plans to social networking element in the LINE app itself, by implementing two new features, “Home” and “Timeline”. So far, communication between users was limited to free calls and text-chatting – enriched with “stickers”, LINE’s killer feature.

NHN Japan explains the “Home” function, apparently some sort of profile page:

   The first new addition is ‘Home’; “a personal space, created by LINE for you.” Users now have their own page where they can share and update their recent developments with the use of photos, videos and location information as well as normal text. It also allows users to express their own personalities by customizing their own page with the use of cover photos.

“It’s never been so fun to ‘Like’ your friend’s posts!” Of course, normal commenting functions are available. However, users can now respond with a single tap, using popular LINE stickers which show an array of instant emotions. Your friend’s posts can be shown by tapping the profile photo upon entering the friend’s ‘Home’ screen, and this provides users with a new way of communication and expression.

“Timeline” seems to be LINE’s version of a newsfeed:

The second new feature is the ‘Timeline’ which allows users to share their recent developments in a timeline format amongst their LINE friends. As with the ‘Home’ feature, users can use stickers to express their feelings towards the posts as well as commenting on them directly. ‘Timeline’ and ‘Home’ functions are linked, which means that user activities at ‘Home’ will also be reflected on the ‘Timeline’.

NHN Japan is planning to add both functions to LINE “soon”.


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