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Sekigahara Engi: Platform-Free Mobile Social Game Hits 1 Million Users [Social Games]


Sekigahara Engi, a social card battle game developed by Tokyo-based D2C, hit the 1 million user mark on July 2 (the news was made public on Monday).

The interesting bullet point here is that the app is only available in Japanese, only on smartphones (download for iOS and Android here), and not using the Mobage or GREE networks.

Puzzle & Dragons, another platform-free and Japanese-only social game for smartphones, passed the 1 million player mark last month (that title is even iOS-only).

Set against the backdrop of the Battle Of Sekigahara in the year 1600, Sekigahara Engi players choose between Eastern and Western armies and build up troops by training war generals (who are shown on the battle cards).

According to Social Game Info, Sekigahara Engi even passed 1.1 million users on August 3.

To celebrate the milestone, D2C is running an in-game campaign that makes it possible for players to get this special card:

This is how Sekigahara Engi looks (iPhone version):

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