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In English First: GREE Releases Social RPG “Monpla Smash” On Its Global Platform [Social Games]


One of GREE‘s biggest Japanese brands, Monpla (short for Monster Planet), is getting a global treatment.

The company has released Monpla Splash for iOS yesterday, a new social RPG (in English) that’s based on the original game GREE released in Japan in summer 2010.

GREE explains:

MONPLA SMASH is a free-to-play role-playing monster battle game that takes players on an adventure to Monpla, a once peaceful planet disrupted by corrupt monsters.

In MONPLA SMASH, players are invited to defend themselves and their planet against evil as they restore peace by collecting and growing their own ultimate monster team. With over 100 different monsters to collect and merge together, the game offers each player a personalized experience by allowing them to customize their own collection. Players are encouraged to think strategically as they decide how to apply each monster’s unique abilities during attacks, as well as which monsters to team up with.

Initially, there will be over 100 different monsters in the game.

An Android version is expected to follow, too. GREE plans to release Monpla Splash in Japanese in the fall.

Here’s GREE’s official Monpla Splash E3 trailer:

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