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Gamescom Video: Gameloft Teases New Social Game Dragon Summoner For GREE [Social Games]


Even though Gameloft operates its own social network for their games (Gameloft Live), the company has partnered up with GREE to release a few titles in which the social element is especially strong.

The first such title, Gang Domination, was released a few weeks ago on GREE’s global platform, and – there’s no other way to say this – tanked (according to analytics company App Annie, the iOS version didn’t even make it into the top 1,000 in the US).

Now the hope is on Dragon Summoner, another card battle game that Gameloft will offer through GREE’s global platform “soon”.

As you can see in the gamescom 2012 trailer below, Dragon Summoner is a social RPG with card game elements – and totally different from Gang Domination:

Via Social Game Info

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