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After 1 Year Of Waiting: Square Enix RPG Emperors Saga Finally Hits GREE [Social Games]


Square Enix took a long time to finish for their latest social RPG, but at long last, Emperors Saga is now live on GREE for smartphones and feature phones.

The game was announced exactly a year ago (even pre-registration started), but reportedly Square Enix wasn’t happy with the quality of the game and kept pushing it back over the last 12 months.

Emperors Saga is the newest addition to the company’s SaGa series of RPGS, which started in 1989. In this case, GREE users can expect a mix between social RPG and card battle game.

In the game, every player takes on the role of an emperor of a country and needs to cooperate with other users to “bring peace to the world”.

Square Enix also integrated time-limited boss fights during which players have 3 minutes to beat bosses that appear randomly during the game to obtain rare cards.



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