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GREE’s New First-Party Game “Project Fantasm:A” Hits The Tokyo Game Show [Social Games]


GREE showcased a total of 34 titles at the Tokyo Game Show today – a pretty solid line-up with the only problem being that 33 of them were either available for a long time already (Doliland, Gang Domination, or Dragon Collection, to name just a few) or unveiled earlier (like Metal Gear Solid, for example).

The video game developers at the show also unveiled all major titles beforehand, but GREE was clever enough to hold back one title as a surprise announcement.

And that title turned out to be Project Fantasm:A, a game that was first shown at the GREE booth today (albeit not in playable form).

The “triple A” social RPG is the brainchild of former Square Enix employee Takeshi Arakawa and uses music from Final Fantasy soundtrack composer Nobuo Uematsu.

The company didn’t reveal many details as to what Project Fantasm:A will be about, but the first trailer (embedded below) gives a few hints.

Project Fantasm:A is scheduled to hit GREE for smartphones next year.

Screenshots can be viewed on vsmedia.

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