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“Final Fantasy” And “The World Ends With You” Are Coming To GREE [Social Games]


Big news for GREE: the company and Square Enix announced they will bring two of its biggest gaming franchises to the GREE platform, namely Final Fantasy and The World Ends With You.

The bigger one first: “Final Fantasy x GREE” is the tentative title of the first Final Fantasy game to hit GREE.

Final Fantasy Brigade, which launched on Mobage earlier this year, is still going strong – unless Square Enix and GREE don’t botch it, I have no doubt the GREE counterpart will see similar success.

Final Fantasy x GREE is a card battle-based RPG that will contain elements (monsters, weapons, characters, etc.) from a number of previous Final Fantasy games.

This game will be released on GREE for smartphones and feature phones by the end of the year (in Japan only).

The World Ends With You, on the other hand, will make its debut as a social game on GREE (as “The World Ends With You – Live Remix”).

GREE says that users can expect a “touch screen battle game” with music from the original DS game (which is an absolute masterpiece and saw an iOS port earlier this year).

The World Ends With You – Live Remix is scheduled to hit GREE by the end of the year, too (in Japan and on smartphones only).

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By Dr. Serkan Toto – On Japan's Game Industry