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DeNA Teams Up With Yahoo Kimo To Bring Mobage Games To Taiwan [Social Games]


DeNA today announced it has teamed up with Yahoo Kimo to bring Mobage games to Taiwan (Yahoo Kimo is Yahoo’s brand name in that country).

The company also says that it has made Mobage available in Traditional Chinese to reach users in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

DeNA explains:

As part of the partnership, Yahoo!Kimo has dedicated a mobile games section ( for users to download Android and iOS Mobage apps.  Additionally, Yahoo!Kimo users can be directly linked to Mobage to enjoy a variety of free-to-play, high-quality social games in Traditional Chinese on their smartphones. (…)

The mobile social games currently available on the Traditional Chinese Mobage network include Ninja Royale, DeNA’s first-party title available in other languages, and the international hit trading card game Rage of Bahamut that was developed by Japan’s Cygames, Inc.  DeNA plans to expand the Traditional Chinese Mobage network to other territories where the writing system is commonly used by the local Chinese communities.

More on the DeNA – Yahoo Kimo deal on The Next Web and Tech In Asia.

Screenshots of Mobage’s placement inside Yahoo Kimo’s mobile portal (provided by DeNA):







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