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The Nikkei: GREE’s Operating Profit To Fall 16% Q-O-Q [Social Games]


The banning of kompu gacha is still affecting GREE‘s financials, if a report the Nikkei published earlier today in Japan is to be believed.

According to the paper, GREE will report an operating profit of US$199 million (16 billion yen) for the quarter that ended September 30 – which would be down 16% from the previous quarter.

If this is true, GREE would be reporting a decline in profit for two quarters in a row.

The Nikkei says that sales have reached 40 billion yen, about the same as in the last quarter.

The paper also learned that sales started picking up from August, making GREE hope to report profit growth in the next quarter.

GREE is reporting on November 14.

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