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Capcom Announces Ghostbusters Social Game For iOS


Capcom today announced that its subsidiary Beeline Interactive is working on a mobile social game based on the Ghostbusters movies.

The company says the title “aims to increase communications among families by using a social game that incorporates a popular movie”. Apparently, the goal here is to let play “fathers and sons” together (the background given here is that Beeline’s other games are more geared towards female players).

That sounds like a lot of nonsense to me, but OK, the game isn’t out yet.

Capcom explains:

Beeline plans to distribute the “Ghostbusters” social game worldwide. Based on the worldview of the movie “Ghostbusters”, which was a hit among people of all ages, this game will allow users themselves to serve as Ghostbusters. Their job is to drive ghosts out of New York City while upgrading their gear and characters.

So far, Capcom has been pretty successful with their Beeline brand. The subsidiary was established last year just to focus on development of games for phones and tablets – often combined with strong (external) IP like The Smurfs, Shrek, or The Peanuts. Capcom says the number of cumulative downloads reached 74 million by September this year.

I wouldn’t be so sure about Ghostbusters though: the two movies are pretty old now and shouldn’t be very appealing as a game for anyone but people in their 30s or 40s. It’s hard to imagine this to become a mainstream success, even though a third movie is apparently coming.

The plan is to release the Ghostbusters social game at the beginning of next year (worldwide) for iOS.

Here’s a first screenshot (featuring what seems to be a new, female Ghostbuster):

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