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Nexon Wants To Triple Mobile Gaming Revenue In 2013


Nexon, the Korean online gaming powerhouse that’s listed in Tokyo, is aiming to triple sales coming from mobile games next year.

According to Japanese business daily The Nikkei, Nexon plans to land at about US$360 million in that segment in 2013. To put this into perspective, the company forecasts sales to hit US$1.27-1.30 billion this fiscal year.

The paper also says that the company wants to use expertise gained in Japan, i.e. through the acquisition of Tokyo-based mobile social game maker gloops (and InBlue earlier this year, too), especially for expansion on mobile in emerging markets.

The obvious bullet point is that we have yet another game maker shifting its focus to mobile here.

In the case of Nexon, sales coming from the PC amounted to a whopping 99% until 2011. If the company hits its mobile gaming sales target revenue next year, that figure will jump to around 25%.

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