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PC Social Gaming Platform Yahoo Mobage Passes 10 Million Users


Stuck between consoles and mobile devices, PC gaming has never played a big role in Japan. The same has been true on the social front where Japanese makers focused on phones from the get-go, often leaving out the PC side altogether.

One notable exception is Yahoo Mobage, a social gaming platform that is exclusively available on the PC and the biggest of its kind in this country (the other is the one Mixi provides, but that service is essentially mobile as well).

The joint venture between DeNA and Yahoo Japan was established in 2010 and passed the 10 million user mark at the end of last year, DeNA announced yesterday (Yahoo Mobage hit 7 million users in March 2012).

To celebrate the milestone, DeNA and Yahoo set up a special campaign site that lists up various prizes players can win in the next few days.

What’s interesting about Yahoo Mobage is the relatively low level of competition: the site currently still offers only 200 different games, just around 10% of what Mobage proper is offering to Japanese mobile users at the moment.

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