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Report: Japan’s Social Gaming Market To Grow To US$4.8 Billion This Year


Tokyo-based research firm Yano has released a chart that visualizes the size of the Japanese social gaming market between 2009 and 2013.

According to Yano, the industry will grow to US$4.8 billion this year, a relatively modest plus from the US$4.3 billion the firm has calculated for 2012 (the company labels both numbers as estimates).

In 2011, Yano says, the market was worth US$3.1 billion: this number is in line with calculations that have been released by the Japanese governmen (US$3.26 billion) and the Japan Online Game Association (US$3.6 billion) last summer.

Here is the Yano chart:
size japan social game market 2013-1
Via Inside Games

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