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Kaito Royale – Secret Poker: DeNA’s Top Title Gets A Casino Spin-Off


In Japan, a title called “Kaito Royale” is often credited with having kick-started the social gaming boom in this country as a whole.

The first-party game – which works much like Mafia Wars – from DeNA was launched on Mobage in October 2009, and is still very, very popular on both feature phones and smartphones (DeNA says it currently boasts 13 million registered users).

Now the game’s popularity in Japan prompted DeNA to launch a spin-off on Mobage: “Kaito Royale – Secret Poker” is exactly what the title suggests, a mix between the original game and Poker.

As you would expect, users battle against each other and against bosses by playing Poker. Secret Poker is set in the Kaito Royale “universe” but features a number of new characters and card elements, apart from the entirely new game play.

The title is one of many casino-themed social games in Japan which have been rolled out in the last few months: in January, for example, Konami mixed their hit game Dragon Collection with Poker elements, too.

Kaito Royale – Secret PokerĀ game is already out for smartphones while a feature phone version is expected to follow this spring.

Trailer and screenshots:



Via Japanese VW

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