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Lost In Stars: GREE Korea’s New 3D MMORPG Looks Very Good


GREE is apparently close to releasing Lost In Stars, a 3D MMORPG that looks pretty awesome.

The game has been in development at GREE Korea, which makes it difficult at the moment to obtain info in English or Japanese. One of the recently released images I copied and pasted below says “Coming Soon”, apparently within this month.

The official Lost In Stars site isn’t available in Japanese or English yet. GREE Korea also runs a page on Facebook with more material about Lost In Stars (and other games that are currently being created).

In September last year, just before Tokyo Game Show 2012, GREE proper mentioned the title in its line-up for the first time.

Artwork from Lost In Stars:

Here is a Lost In Stars trailer that GREE Korea published about a week ago:

Another one from yesterday:

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