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GungHo Sets Up Singapore Subsidiary, Readies US$289 Million To Invest In Asian Game Makers


Puzzle & Dragons company GungHo Online Entertainment (3765) today announced it plans to launch a subsidiary in Singapore next month.

Named “GungHo Online Entertainment Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.” (GAP), the idea is to invest in promising gaming businesses (games and related fields) in “emerging markets” in Asia and China.

The subsidiary will be led by Kazuya Sakai who is member of the board of GungHo proper.

Capitalized at S$7 million, GungHo says that its Singapore office will have US$300 million ready to invest.

GAP will be supported by SoftBank, which bought into GungHo last year and has been actively investing in Asia and elsewhere for years.

GungHo Online Entertainment is currently listed with a US$6.1 billion market cap, making it the biggest mobile game company in Japan.

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