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GREE Platform Forum: GREE CEO Tanaka Sees A Smartphone Future


GREE organized the so-called GREE Platform Forum earlier this week in Tokyo, an event that gave CEO Yoshikazu Tanaka the chance to motivate existing and potential third-party developers and analyze the current state of affairs and future of his company.

During the event, he (and a GREE marketing manager) said that:

  • smartphones will be the most important platform for GREE’s social games in the future
  • GREE will run TV commercials advertising GREE on smartphones
  • KDDI and GREE entered a partnership to bring social games to Android phones
  • the adoption of smartphones is happening much faster than that of feature phones did
  • the main challenge in 2011 will be GREE’s internationalization
  • other Japanese companies should look into going abroad as well, as the country’s population and economy are shrinking
  • GREE’s ultimate goal is to hit 100 million users

GREE also gave away the so-called GREE Platform Awards to a total of 24 third-party developers during the event (see my coverage here).

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