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PC-Based Social Games: Yahoo Mobage Hits 3 Million Users


PC-based social games are on the rise in Japan: DeNA announced that Yahoo Mobage, the social gaming platform it operates with Yahoo Japan, now has 3 million users.

It took Yahoo Mobage 51 days to get to the first million members, 53 more days to add another one million and now another 61 days to reach 3 million users.

So it looks like growth has indeed been slowing down lately, but the number is still impressive – as Asiajin points out, Facebook has less users in Japan. 68% of Yahoo Mobage users are male, and a whopping 56% are over 30 years of age.

To celebrate the occasion, DeNA and Yahoo are now running a promotion campaign during which they will give away 300 million yen in prizes (see below).

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