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Yahoo Mobage / Mobagetown Users Can Now Pay Via BitCash [Social Games]


DeNA announced that users of the Yahoo Mobage platform for PC-based social games as well as those playing games on Mobagetown on smartphones can now pay for virtual items using BitCash.

BitCash is a popular e-money service in japan that can be used to make payments on the web. Users can transfer real cash to their BitCash pre-paid cards in 40,000 convenience stores in Japan or choose to transfer money from their credit cards, via ATM or online banks.

This is the third move by DeNA recently to make it easier for players of their social games to pay for virtual items: in February, it became possible for Android users to pay via KDDI’s “Kantan Kessaiā€ mobile settlement service. In January, DeNA started letting Mobage members pay via online banking.


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