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GREE Opens Offices In Singapore, Beijing – And London [Social Games]


Japan’s mobile social gaming giants continue their global expansion. After having opened an office in San Francisco in January, GREE today announced it will establish offices in Singapore, Beijing and London this spring.

In Singapore, GREE acquired a stake in mobile social network mig33 in November 2010. In Beijing, GREE is close to Chinese web juggernaut Tencent (GREE announced a partnership with the QQ operator in January).

But the surprising move here is the opening of an office in London, as Europe is usually overlooked by Japanese web companies when it comes to expanding to other markets (a notable exception is Rakuten, which is in a totally different business).

GREE hasn’t clarified which functions its new offices will fulfill (sales, engineering etc.), but it looks like the company is dead serious about moving out of its huge, yet ultimately limited home market.

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