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CyberAgent Turns Celebrity Blogs Into Smartphone Apps [Blogging Services]


CyberAgent‘s Ameba is not only Japan’s biggest blogging site with 13 million members, it’s also famous for its “Ameba Geinoujin-Yuumeijin” (“Ameba Talents-Celebrities”) blogging platform, which hit the 9,000 user mark in January 2011.

And now CyberAgent announced it will turn a total of 80 of these blogs into individual smartphone apps by year-end, starting with an iPhone app [iTunes] for Nakagawa Shoko, a popular Japanese TV star and actress.

CyberAgent says Android apps based on celebrity blogs will be released in June. I personally think this is overkill and will lead nowhere, but it makes sense in the case of one or the other celebrity.

Ameba proper for iPhone can be downloaded here.

Here are screenshots for CyberAgent’s Nakagawa iPhone app:

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