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Raboo: Rakuten Delivers E-Books To Panasonic E-Readers [E-Commerce]


The deal that Rakuten announced two weeks ago with Panasonic has been confirmed today: Japan’s biggest e-ecommerce company will be the first official e-book provider for Raboo, a new e-book reader that Panasonic will start selling in this country next month.

Raboo is short for Rakuten Books: the company will initially provide around 10,000 e-books to Raboo owners, from major Japanese publishers such as Shogakukan, Iwanami Shoten or Shinchosha and add other titles later.

Buyers of the tablet can log into the pre-installed e-book store with their existing Rakuten accounts and earn 1% of the price of each book as Rakuten bonus points.

More in my write-up on TechCrunch (here is my article from 2 weeks ago).

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